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The space between two dentils.
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Outra correspondencia que fica evidente e a do termo participio, que, entretanto, como ja mostrei, nao se colocava entre os modos do verbo, mas constituia uma das oito classes gramaticais em DT e em AD (metoche, "participacao", ligado ao verbo metexo: "participar de"; latim: participium).
In that way, human beings, and with them all created beings, begin to conquer the upward path, the mountain that Moses had to climb to reach the presence of God, knowledge of God (theognosia), and participation in God (metoche), according to the Eastern mystical literature, passing through the various stages involved in aspiring to the life above.
These are: the gospel of God and the faith it awakens, baptism which seals this faith, giving participation in the divine life itself in the one and indivisible body of Christ, the means of salvation to which the ecclesial community gives access, life lived according to the demands of the marks of Christ in the power of the Spirit, the great eschatological hope of happiness, collaboration (metoche) in what the scriptures present as the unfailing divine will for the salvation of humankind.