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Inflammation of the uterus, usually involving both the endometrium and myometrium.
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inflammation of the muscular and mucosal layers of the uterus.

Metritis is caused by the introduction of infection (usually streptococcal or staphylococcal) into the uterine cavity after abortion or complications in labor. Less often, metritis is a complication of acute diseases, such as tuberculosis or tonsillitis. In the majority of cases it begins with inflammation of the mucosa, called endometritis, but in acute endometritis the inflammatory process almost always extends to the muscular layer, so that metritis proper develops and the entire process acquires the character of metroendometritis. Acute metritis is manifested by elevation of body temperature, general weakness, and headache. The uterus is enlarged and tender. Palpation produces vaginal discharges of pus or of blood and pus.

Acute metritis is treated with rest, cold applied to the lower abdomen, antibiotics, and sulfanilamide preparations. Chronic metritis is treated with physical therapy and health resort therapy.

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Treatment of metritis is often intensive, requiring antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), fluids and possible flushing of the uterus.
Adicionalmente, se realizaron pruebas de Ji-cuadrado o Fischer [29] para establecer las diferencias en la presentacion de cetosis subclinica entre los tratamientos estableciendo el punto de corte para la presentacion de cetosis subclinica cuando [beta]JHBA > 1,2 mmol/L [12], presentacion de BEN en el preparto cuando NEFA > 400 [micron]mol/L y en el posparto cuando las concentraciones de [beta]JHBA> 0,6 mmol/L o de NEFA de > 700 [micron]mol/L [6], presentacion de enfermedades del periparto (metritis, retencion de placenta, claudicaciones y fiebre de leche) y porcentaje de prenez al primer servicio.
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Earlier this year contagious equine metritis (CEM) was diagnosed in a thoroughbred mare (covered by a non-thoroughbred stallion) and some "in contact" horses were also affected.
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The prime illnesses DVM helps prevent are mastitis (inflammation of the udder) and metritis (inflammation of the uterus).
A patient who develops subsequent postoperative metritis will not be at higher risk of harboring an abscess if ORC was applied.