Carrier Ethernet

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Carrier Ethernet

A standard for carrier-class Ethernet services for network service providers. Carrier Ethernet extends Ethernet from the local area network (LAN) to the wide area network (WAN), enabling companies to connect their Ethernet LANs to service provider networks via the same Ethernet interface they use to attach every device in the network. It provides a transparent LAN service that bridges LANs in separate locations together as if they were one network. An administrator can manage a global Ethernet network using virtual LAN tools, which group computers together logically no matter where they physically reside. See virtual LAN and carrier class.

Using traditional TDM and SONET backbones, service providers have taken days and weeks to establish wide area networks for new customers and make subsequent changes. Since Carrier Ethernet connects to a LAN using Ethernet plugs and sockets, new customers can be hooked up to Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a much shorter time. See TDM and SONET.

From Local Networks to Subscriber Networks
Residing within a building or campus, almost all business networks are Ethernet. In order to extend Ethernet to a global network that serves multiple customers, Ethernet had to be extensively upgraded to handle fault tolerance, levels of service and continuous changes in a timely manner. For detailed information about the standards, visit the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) at

MPLS for Service Quality
Most LAN traffic is IP based; therefore the bulk of all Carrier Ethernet traffic is IP packets. Since MPLS is a method for providing quality of service (QoS) in an IP network, it can also be used to ensure quality levels in a Carrier Ethernet network. See MPLS and QoS.

Carrier Ethernet Over SONET
Although Carrier Ethernet is designed to transport Ethernet frames natively (layer 2 in the OSI model), network providers can deploy it over legacy point-to-point SONET circuits. Carrier Ethernet can also ride directly over fiber (see WDM).

Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) Topology
Carrier Ethernet is based on a virtual connection between two user network interface (UNI) points. An "E-Line" is one EVC (point-to-point), whereas an "E-LAN" offers a multipoint EVC topology just like any local network. See Metro Ethernet.

Private or Virtual Point-to-Point
There are two types of point-to-point E-Line connections: an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a dedicated connection between two points, whereas an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) is shared with other network connections.

Multipoint Topology
An E-LAN provides a multipoint topology like a local network. Each node can reach any other node.
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Also, with Ciena's E-Suite family, including the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, F6 will deliver 100G services to regional customers and also offer compact and high-capacity metro aggregation using Ciena's Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) CE2.0-certified 5142 Service Aggregation Switches.
Among the first group of vendors to receive the Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification, Telco Systems meets this new-generation standard with their CE 2.0-compliant, end-to-end Ethernet, SDN and NFV ready product portfolio, promising a significant boost for large, medium and small service providers, as well as utilities and city carriers competing in a fast evolving telecommunications market.
CableLabs DPoE specifications provide cable operators with a means of delivering business connectivity services, such as those defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (, over fiber networks.
bagged two top honors at the 2012 MEF Carrier Ethernet Service Provider Awards for Asia Pacific, held during the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Apac Carrier Ethernet Summit in Shanghai, China.
For the second consecutive year, the Metro Ethernet Forum has bestowed Verizon Global Wholesale with the 2011 Best Wholesale Ethernet Service award for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Tata Communications' MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) certified range of Ethernet services span across five continents and features Layer-2 Ethernet over SONET/SDH, Ethernet over MPLS and a range of configurations to keep pace with the growth in customer requirements.
Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) services are also supported for SMBs and enterprises converging towards gigabit Ethernet WANs.
Extreme Networks, Inc.'s BlackDiamondA 20808 and SummitA X650 metro core and aggregation switches have passed the Metro Ethernet Forum's (MEF) service conformance tests.
Compared to the traditional model which requires an additional stage of protocol conversion, Carrier Ethernet simplifies operations and management," says Roelofs.<p>Many flavours<p>The MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) is a global industry alliance which aims to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services.
In 2007, Optimum Lightpath was named Heavy Reading's North American Ethernet Service Provider of the Year for Regional Innovation and named Best North American Regional Service Provider of the Year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).
CESoP technology, based on standards from the ITU (Y.1413), Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF 8) and MPLS-Frame Relay Alliance (MFA 8.0.0) as well as draft standards from the IETF PWE3 working group, allows circuit-switched services to be carried across a packet-switched network.
Also in the past three years, numerous forums have been founded to further push Ethernet beyond the LAN, such as the Metro Ethernet Forum, the Resilient Packet Ring Alliance and Ethernet in the First Mile, along with work within IEEE, ITU, IETF and the MPLS Forum.

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