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Metropolitan Area


an urban area made up of several cities or of one city and the surrounding communities. Metropolitan areas are a typical form of urbanization in contemporary bourgeois countries, where their rise and development are the result of the chaotic and uncontrolled growth of urban territories under conditions engendered by private landownership and private capitalist enterprise. Greater New York, Tokyo, and London are metropolitan areas.

Metropolitan areas are most common in the USA, where they are officially called standard metropolitan statistical areas. According to official statistics, there are about 240 metropolitan areas in the USA, and 64.3 percent of the country’s population lives in them. For instance, Greater New York has more than 11.4 million inhabitants, and Chicago and Los Angeles, 6 million each. In Great Britain metropolitan areas are usually called conurbations.

In bourgeois metropolitan areas problems connected with the crisis of capitalist cities, including the growth of slums, the increase in crime, unsatisfactory community services and transportation facilities, and pollution have become extremely serious. The difficulty of solving these problems is increased by the fact that, as a rule, bourgeois metropolitan areas lack unified administrative systems. For instance, Greater Chicago has more than 1,100 local agencies operating independently of each other.


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metro area were much more likely to work in a different state than they live in, as shown in the chart below.
The Memphis metro area has the highest percentage of obese (36.
The ranking, released March 2, was based on eight metrics, including percentage of businesses owned by women in each metro area, average revenue of woman-owned businesses, and percentage of women with a bachelor's degree or higher in each area.
Many of the top-ranking metro areas are being boosted by growth in technology jobs, including traditional tech centers in San Francisco and San Jose but also emerging ones in Austin and Salt Lake City.
Despite substantial deleveraging, California's metropolitan areas, from San Francisco to Bakersfield to San Diego, still dominate the rankings of metro areas by DTI in 2013.
For all metro areas in the US, the average revision in the benchmarked data is plus or minus 1.
During that period, Boston ranked among the 20 second-strongest metro areas in the country, and the Springfield area landed in the middle of the 100-metro ranking.
metro area decreased nearly 22 percent from the previous 6 months and was down nearly 30 percent from the first half of 2009, but the metro area still documented the nation's second highest metro foreclosure rate--4.
In the past decade more people hold post-secondary degrees than before, but younger adults in large metro areas lagged educational attainment of their predecessors.
Among the 10 metro areas adding construction jobs during those 12 months, Ithaca, N.
All 372 metro areas saw joblessness rise in May from a year earlier, the Labor Department reported Tuesday.
The site includes information on all metro areas for which reports are available.

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