Mexican jumping bean

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Mexican jumping bean:

see spurgespurge
, common name for members of the Euphorbiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of greatly varied structure and almost cosmopolitan distribution, although most species are tropical. In the United States the family is most common in the Southeast.
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His snack would probably involve something like Mexican jumping beans, but that's what we love about him.
Both eyes sprung open like determined little Mexican jumping beans. I shoved on my glasses, brought the chair back to the hallway, reached up and pulled the electrical plug right out of the smoke detector.
And not just poets or television hosts or bandleaders (Nelson Riddle stops by for "Calmnesses"): even the folks you pass by on a stupefied stroll through the internet video emporium, as in "VI Tall Ships," the last section of "Sestina": We'll all get our curtain call, though few have what you'd really call an act: Guy at the Coke Dispenser, Babe Serving Thin-Crust Pizza, Dude Selling Charity Coupon Booklets; Girl Removing Dead Mexican Jumping Beans and Replacing Them with Live Jumping Beans.
For the present she seems to have swept all thoughts about her 11-plus results from her mind, although she has asked if I think her Mexican jumping beans will hatch next month.