Mexican literature

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Mexican literature:

see Spanish American literatureSpanish American literature,
the writings of both the European explorers of Spanish America and its later inhabitants.

See also Spanish literature; Portuguese literature; Brazilian literature.
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A perusal of contemporary Mexican literature is incomplete without a studied stop at the work of Juan Villoro.
Failure, Trauma, and Loss clearly belongs to this second trend, cleverly negotiating its place among earlier studies on the Mexican historical novel (Guerrero 2008; Osuna Osuna 2008) and on failure in Mexican literature (Ochoa 2005).
Peter Constantine: Over the last five years, Mexican literature seems to have gone in unexpected new directions.
Critical dictionary of Mexican literature (1955-2010).
For example, Puerto Rican literature was seen as indigenous to New York, while Mexican literature was seen as indigenous to the Southwest.
This handle by which publishers could grasp what I was doing finally worked, Joaquin Diez Canedo who, as the owner of Editorial Joaquin Mortiz, had published important Mexican literature from the sixties onward, accepted the manuscript.
As Jean Franco has written, women in Mexican literature and films are too often projections of Malinche: their actions always lead to betrayal or self-destruction, and they are "the root of all trouble.
This collection of stories makes a valuable contribution to Latin American texts in translation; it provides readers with a glimpse of the range and intensity of contemporary Mexican literature.
Preliminary exploration indicates that this could be a deep-seated type of jasperoid and not a "manto" or layered deposit with a thickness of 5 meters as reported in Mexican literature.
Chapter 2 is fully dedicated to Jorge Cuesta, whom Sanchez Prado helps recover as a crucial voice in a key moment of Mexican cultural history, focusing in particular on his Antologia de la poesia mexicana moderna (1928) and the 1932 debate about national Mexican literature.
A master stylist, he is particularly adept at fathoming the essential values of contemporary Mexican literature.
She argues that interpretive strategies played a decisive role in restricting women authors' access to the canon as it is represented in the histories of Mexican literature.