Meyer, Eugene

Meyer, Eugene,

1875–1959, American financier and newspaper publisher, b. Los Angeles. He was a successful broker and a director of many corporations. In 1917 he was appointed to guide American war production and finance, serving in many government agencies. He was director of the War Finance Corp. from 1918 to 1920 and from 1921 to 1925. After organizing the Reconstruction Finance Corp. (1931), he became its first chairman. In 1946 he was appointed first president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank). Meyer bought the Washington Post in 1933 and made it one of the country's most influential newspapers. In 1954 it absorbed the Times-Herald. Succeeded as publisher in 1946 by his son-in-law, Philip L. GrahamGraham, Philip Leslie,
1915–63, American publisher, b. S.Dak. After editing the Harvard Law Review, he served as a law clerk to his mentor, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.
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, Meyer remained board chairman until his death. Katharine Meyer GrahamGraham, Katharine Meyer,
1917–2001, American publisher, b. New York City, grad. Univ. of Chicago (1938). She first worked as a copy girl at the Washington Post, which was owned by her father, Eugene Meyer; after college, she joined the San Francisco News.
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, his daughter, became publisher after her husband's suicide (1963).
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The three proposers - Fred Meyer, Eugene Family YMCA and the city of Eugene - made no last- minute adjustments to their proposals before Wednesday's 4 p.m.
They recognized that the numbers of priests have been dwindling, a fact thoroughly documented since about 1974 in articles and books by Andrew Greeley, Dean Hoge, Katherine Meyer, Eugene Schallert, Richard Schoenherr, John Seidler, Lawrence Young and many others.
Several of Pavillard's friends and associates will speak, including Sunriver Music Festival executive director Lori Noack, Los Angeles arts consultant and fund-raiser Christopher Minnes, Van Cliburn Foundation official Eric Meyer, Eugene Symphony Orchestra development director Gina Ing, former Oregon Mozart Players official Matthias Vogel, Tucson philanthropist Shirley Chann and former Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival official Lynne Velling.