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France: see Charleville-MézièresCharleville-Mézières
, town (1990 pop. 59,439), capital of Ardennes dept., NE France, on the Meuse River, in Champagne. It was formed in 1966 when the twin cities of Charleville and Mézières were merged, along with three small communities.
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Address : Htel Du Dpartement - Cs 20001 08011 Charleville Mezieres Cedex
On this basis, between various postural rehabilitation approaches, the Mezieres method [1-3] embodies the characteristics that are useful for balance rehabilitation in patients with PD: establishing alignment according to a vertical reference and reminding the patient of motor imagery in perceiving and imagining body posture.
Mezieres physiotherapy is effective in other chronic pain conditions, such as low back pain [16], like other muscle stretching programs, such as the Global Postural Reeducation (GPR) approach; both rehabilitation methods have various levels of progression and advocate stretching the antigravity muscle chains with parallel enhancement of the basal tone of antagonistic muscles to improve static and dynamic stability [16].
Although she was unable to find a Mezieres practitioner in the U.S., she still incorporates Mezieres principles into her dancing today.
From the time the twenty-year-old undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during his first sojourn in the Middle East in 1347, Philippe de Mezieres envisioned a united Christian crusade to "liberate" the Holy Land.
His Songe du vieil pelerin of 1389 set these principles--Christian peace and unity as prerequisite to a "holy war" against militant Islam--into a vast allegorical and geographical context (Mezieres, Le Songe).
First offered at a symposium held in Nicosia, Cyprus in June, 2009, the papers develop the many phases of the life of Mezieres, with a focus on the larger context of his times.
Myriam Mezieres' directorial debut "Flowers of Blood" neatly turns the thematic tables on her mentor and cohelmer, Alain Tanner, whose "A Flame in My Heart" and "The Diary of Lady M"--in which Mezieres starred and to which this is a kind of coda--were largely uncomfortable exercises in voyeurism.
A couple of stand-alone dance sequences, though impressively performed by Mezieres, are over-extended.
Aitor Martxelo Rubio Bruno Bruno Buzzi Cesar Juan Potau Nathalie Nathalie Sesena Carla Angelica Reverte Myriam Myriam Mezieres A witty, idiosyncratic take on the trials and tribulations of indie moviemaking, Fernando Merinero's directorial debut, "Soul Ache," proves that a good script and talented friends can compensate for a pea-size budget.