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see Mi'kmaqMi'kmaq
or Micmac,
Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).
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Add the tenacious Mi'kmaq culture of patience and moderation that endured a century of genocide followed by two centuries of not-so-benign neglect.
The Mi'kmaq nation posed a formidable military threat to the British colonials.
The majority acquitted Marshall of the three charges because it agreed with his contention that he and all Mi'kmaq have a treaty right to hunt and fish and to sell their catch to the extent that would allow them to earn a moderate living.
The Supreme Court found that not all of the agreements between the Mi'kmaq and the British found their way into the written treaty.
But let them calmly assert the same thing about Mi'kmaqs, and the media swallows it whole hog.
Lentaigne constantly stresses the Supreme Court's acknowledgment of DFO's right to regulate the Mi'kmaq fishery, but never mentions the sharp limits the court placed on that regulatory power.
Mi'kmaq lawyer Bernd Christmas, the director of operations for the Membertou First Nation, N.
The undersea cable will connect with the mainland in a small, natural harbor on the Nova Scotia coast that is a traditional Mi'kmaq fishing area.
Hundreds of Mi'kmaqs did not suddenly start catching lobster.
Lawrence's treaties do not, as the few critics who have bothered to read them point out, explicitly confer upon Mi'kmaqs any right to trade the fruits of their hunting and gathering.
As well, the newly released Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples will be placed within the context of the community needs of the Mi'kmaqs of Nova Scotia.
With the goal of advancing self government, 13 Mi'kmaq First Nations, Canada and the province of Nova Scotia committed to a partnership forum with the signing of the Mi'kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Tripartite Forum Memorandum of Understanding.