Between March 8 and April 11; fourth Sunday in Lent
This break from the strictness of Lent has traditionally been observed in France, Belgium, and various islands of the French West Indies—including Guadeloupe, St. BarthÉlemy, and Martinique. In Paris, it is customarily celebrated with the FÉte des Blanchisseuses, or laundresses, who choose a queen from each of the various metropolitan districts. The district queens and the queen of queens chosen by them ride through the streets on a float, followed by their costumed courtiers and ladies-in-waiting. Then there is a colorful ball for the washerwomen that night.
In Belgium, Mid-Lent or Half-Vasten is the day when someone dresses up as the Count of Mid-Lent and distributes gifts to children.
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Aussi, si certains elements sont d'abord mis en place pour le tourisme et reviennent regulierement dans le discours touristique, tel que la mi-careme, l'on peut se demander si d'autres elements, plus discrets dans les outils promotionnels, rappellent l'histoire ancienne ou recente de ses habitants, tel que la traversee en canot a glace ou l'etablissement du peintre Jean-Paul Riopelle dans le manoir de l'ile.
J'observe egalement les attraits touristiques en place, notamment trois elements lies a l'identite des gens de l'Ile aux Grues: la mi-careme, la traversee en canot a glace et le passage du peintre Jean-Paul Riopelle (3).
Von Brandenburg's women are frequently presented in a liminal state: on their deathbed, as in Untitled, 2003, a wall drawing based on an 1858 photograph by Henry Peach Robinson; in the midst of a seance; or, as in her 2005 film, Mi-Careme, in a state of trance or possession, dressed in a Mi-Careme costume mask (a medieval French masquerade that takes place during Lent and continues to exist in Quebec) and surrounded by onlookers whose voyeuristic gaze is possibly malicious.
Indeed, much of the winter is spent preparing for mi-careme (mid-Lent), a medieval French tradition lost almost everywhere else but still kept by the people of L'Isle-aux-Grues.
A weeklong celebration, mi-careme is held at the end of March.
I suppose that there is nothing wrong in that; these last two lines read well, although carnivals in Lent does not convey the precision of Laforgue's mi-careme. Also, the last line is the only one of this stanza where Terry breaks her octosyllabic pattern.
En plus du travail des assistants de recherche au cours de la periode estivale, une premiere mission de terrain, conduite a l'interieur d'un cours sur la fete, s'est deroulee en mars 2007 : la << Mission Mi-Careme >>.
La seconde partie comporte sept brefs chapitres qui portent sur une quete particuliere (la Guignolee, la quete de l'Enfant-Jesus, la Chandeleur, le Mardi gras, la mi-careme, la quete du bedeau et l'Halloween).