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Attaliates, Michael


Born at the beginning of the 11th century, in Constantinople; died circa 1085. Byzantine historian and legal scholar.

Attaliates’ History sheds light on events that occurred in Byzantium from 1034 to 1079: political disturbances and the catastrophic situation on the eastern borders resulting from increased pressure from the Seljuk Turks. His book concludes with a panegyric to Emperor Nicephorus III Botaniates, who, according to Attaliates, overcame the crisis in the empire. Attaliates glorifies the chivalrous valor, bravery, and generosity of Nicephorus. In 1077, Attaliates founded a monastery in Redesto and drew up its rule, which is a valuable source for the study of Byzantine social and economic history in the 11th century.


Historia. Bonn, 1853.


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