Michaëlis, Karin

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Michaëlis, Karin


(nee Katharina Bech; she wrote under her married name). Born Mar. 20, 1872, in Randers; died Jan. 11, 1950, in Copenhagen. Danish writer. Daughter of a telegraphist.

Michaëlis traveled extensively in Europe and the USA, where she lived during Denmark’s occupation by fascist German troops (1940–45). She participated in the struggle against fascism and militarism. In 1898 she published the novel Noble Game. Michaelis won fame with her psychological novels The Dangerous Age (1910) and Mother (1935; Russian translation, 1958). She is the author of the novels Girl With Pieces of Glass (1924), Little Liar (1925), The Secret (1926), Sin, Sorrow, and Danger (1928), and The Consequences (1930), as well as of children’s books. Michaelis’ works, many of which are autobiographical in nature, are devoted mainly to the problem of woman’s position in the family and in society and to child rearing.


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