Michelsen, Neil Franklin

Michelsen, Neil Franklin

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Neil Franklin Michelsen, born May 11, 1931, in Chicago, was the founder and inspiration behind Astro Computing Services (ACS) and ACS Publications. He was a well-known figure in the astrological community for his contributions to contemporary astrology. He was a generous person who gave money, computer time, personal time, technical expertise, and encouragement to many different astrologers, holistic healers, and practitioners of occult arts.

Michelsen graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami and for 17 years was a systems engineer for IBM. He founded Astro Computing Services in 1973. ACS grew from a one-man business run out of Michelsen’s home in Pelham, New York, to the current San Diego corporation staffed by almost two dozen people. A creative individual with solid programming skills, Michelsen became one of the greatest of contemporary astrological technicians. His work in the form of continually refined ephemeredes and books of tables was the standard of accuracy by which other astrological calculations were judged. He has written or contributed to more than 20 reference books, including The American Ephemeris (1901–1930, then every decade up to the year 2000); The American Sidereal Ephemeris, 1976–2000; The American Heliocentric Ephemeris, 1901–2000; Uranian Transneptune Ephemeris, 1850–2050; The American Book of Tables; The Koch Book of Tables; The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900 to 2000, Midnight; The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900 to 2000, Noon; The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2001 to 2050, Midnight; The American Midpoint Ephemeris, 1986–1990; The Comet Halley Ephemeris 1901–1996; Tables of Planetary Phenomena (July 1990); and, with Maria Kay Simms, Search for the Christmas Star.

Michelsen was chairman of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), and through the NCGR he contributed to projects beneficial to the astrological community. After his death on May 15, 1990, the NCGR set up the Neil F. Michelsen Memorial Fund to continue such projects.

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