Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC)

Address:PO Box 30235
Lansing, MI 48909

Web: www.mucc.org
Established: 1937. Description:Dedicated to protecting Michigan's outdoor heritage through the conservation of natural resources and by promoting the right of all citizens to enjoy Michigan's outdoor recreational offerings. Members: 100,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Michigan Out-of-Doors (monthly); free to members and $25/year for non-members.

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decision in Michigan United Conservation Clubs was joined by two
A number of conservation groups endorsed the proposals, including the National Wildlife Federation, the Michigan Environmental Council and the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
(32) While many legislative acts are subject to referendum, the constitution explicitly states that "[t]he power of referendum does not extend to acts making appropriations for state institutions or to meet deficiencies in state funds." (33) The significance of this limitation on the power of referendum became evident in Michigan United Conservation Clubs v.
Although many sporting organizations helped with the fight, none of them are very happy with the end result--none, that is, but the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. They, without asking, cut a deal with our governor for a "limited" hunt.
Joining NWF in its "petition of opposition" were six of its state affiliates: Michigan United Conservation Clubs, the Minnesota Conservation Federation, the League of Ohio Sportsmen, the Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Council of Maine.
To respond to this, sportsmen in 1937 formed the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, an amalgamation of the scores of sportsmen clubs throughout the state.
For example, if your shop is located in Michigan and you aren't active already, you should contact your local club that's affiliated with Michigan United Conservation Clubs and volunteer to sell their $5 Protect Your Heritage Raffle tickets.
This came after the governor agreed to a compromise brokered by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs that stated the first three years of dove hunting would be restricted to a six-county area.
The fishing access study is made possible by a grant from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust, created by settlement of a lawsuit brought by NWF and one of its affiliates, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, against the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant, which killed millions of fish every year in Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan anglers are beneficiaries of the last major project in a $172 million settlement of a lawsuit brought by NWF and one of its affiliates, Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC).
Since then FOCUS has provided support for a lawsuit brought by the National Wildlife Federation and one of its affiliates, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, to stop toxic pollution from Copper Range's smelting facility.

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