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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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The biggest clue will come from Mickey D's growth rate in the U.S.
The new arrival is part of Mickey D's Signature Crafted Recipes line--"a collection of premium recipe flavors that elevate 100% fresh beef quarter-pound burgers." And elevate, it does.
An even easier example of Glocalization Gone GlobalS would be if McDonald's Korea's serviceable but underwhelming Bulgogi Burger caused such an culinary sensation in Korea that tourists started coming to Korean Mickey D's to taste them before bringing the fever for the flavor back home and demanding the adoption of the Bulgogi Burger in LA, Idaho and NYC.
"How can we apply the same kind of public-health science to this that we do to, say, nutrition?"Rich told the Journal."We aren't going to tell you never go to Mickey D's, but we are going to tell you what a Big Mac will do and what broccoli will do."
game that advertised its Filet-O-Fish sandwiches: Throw down five bucks at a participating Mickey D's and you'll get two hot, creamy, flaky wild-caught Alaskan Pollock sandwiches that will sate the hell out of you.
The print ad for McDonald's (3) shows a couple who have clearly visited their local Mickey D's. The one located next to a nuclear power plant in the throes of meltdown.
Those jobs are kind of like working at Mickey D's, but without the greasy smell.
Owners Jim and Mary Bollivar, of Oakham, incorporated some Worcester scenes into their design, which Mickey D's corporate calls "simply modern red.''
Jamie Oliver eating chicken nuggets in Mickey D's, Prince Charles and Nicholas Witchell downing Jagerbombs in Annabels nightclub (Frank Murphy).
The pay-off has a piper jumping into his car to pop out for a burger - but the nearest Mickey D's is 85 miles away in Fort William on the mainland.
Now, this Kipper does find it a little hard to digest that, but there is no denying that Mickey D's is well-loved here, and yes we are talking about all 90 outlets of the franchise here in the UAE.
The composer-lyricist contributes two new tunes, a song about a man who works at McDonald's (based on his own first job at an Upper West Side Mickey D's) and another about immigrant senior-care workers.