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see Mi'kmaqMi'kmaq
or Micmac,
Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).
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Finally, it is important to observe how different stakeholders move, from the short (DIM) to the long term (IIM), according to the dynamic of the structural analysis performed based on MicMac. This situation is shown in the Displacement Plane (DP) (Figure 6).
Based on the results of the MICMAC analysis, the System Graph and the System Grid, we decided not to include three of the buffering impact variables ([d.sub.12], [d.sub.13] , [d.sub.14] ) for the scenario construction.
Section 4 presents the outline of our SSCM theoretical framework as the outcome of the MICMAC analysis.
O MICMAC, ferramenta do Metodo de Cenarios de Godet, e o mais conhecido, mas apresenta algumas limitacoes (Perestrelo & Caldas, 1998): indeterminacao da motricidade e dependencia indiretas, sobrevalorizacao da retroalimentacao, ausencia de estabilidade, efeitos multiplicativos, separacao entre efeitos diretos e indiretos.
"The Hunter's Promise" is a reverent retelling of an Abenaki (or Wabanaki) traditional tale that also is found in wisdom traditions of several other indigenous nations in Northeastern North America, including the Iroquois and the Algonquin, as well as perhaps the Penobscot Passamaquoddy, and Micmac people.
The Micmac Indians share part of the Cascapedia River with the province of Quebec.