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The GH4 is also capable of real-time image output to an external monitor via an optional micro HDMI cable simultaneously while recording video.
The Nexus 10 comes with a micro USB slot, a Magnetic Pogo Pin charger, a Micro HDMI jack and a 3.
0 port + Sleep Charge, Micro HDMI OUT, Micro SD reader, Dual Array MIC
Input/Output: PAD: 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / Mic-in); 1 x micro HDMI port 1 x Micro SD Card Reader; Internal Microphone & Stereo Speaker
2, Jelly Bean, 1GB DDR3 memory[4], 16GB internal storage[5], a 3MP rear camera, stereo speakers with DTS Premium Voice Pro, and built-in Micro HDMI, Micro USB ports and a Micro SD slot.
The leaked photo below reveals that the micro HDMI and USB ports will be located on the bottom side of the smartphone.
When reviewing recorded clips, audio can be played through the built in speaker and routed through the headphone port or micro HDMI output.
Product includes a three foot HDMI cable, a Micro HDMI adapter and a Mini HDMI adapter.
All three Neo boards integrate a graphics processor with 2D/3D graphics acceleration and include a micro HDMI port and LVDS interface.
0, front and rear cameras, micro HDMI, microSD, microUSB, and more.
As well as encoding the unit can act as a hardware decoder with HD-SDI, Micro HDMI and Composite outputs.
0 port, micro HDMI port, microSD memory slot and headphone jack.