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SIM card

(Subscriber Identity Module card) A smart card that gives a cellphone its phone number and customer identity. Introduced in 1991 for GSM phones, most cards are removable. Satellite and LTE phones also use SIM cards. Activated by the cellular carrier, the SIM card contains a unique ID, authentication codes, network-specific data and the customer's phone contacts. See IMSI.

As long as users stay with the same carrier, they can generally switch their phone number and calling plan to a different phone by moving the SIM card. For travelers, prepaid SIM cards are available for unlocked phones, and phones that hold more than one SIM are also offered (see multi-SIM). In the early 1990s when cellphones were large, the first SIMs were the size of a credit card (1FF). See eSIM, SIM lock, R-UIM and smart card.

Mostly Nothing
A SIM is just a chip behind contacts. The rest is cardboard. Used for a while were Micro SIMs in a Mini SIM form factor (right).

Size   Thick   Form SIM Card         (mm)    (mm)   Factor

  Full Size        86x54   .76    1FF
  Mini (Standard)  25x15   .76    2FF
  Micro            15x12   .76    3FF
  Nano             12x9    .67    4FF
  Embedded   6x9  up to 1

Mini SIM
This Mini SIM was removed and flipped over to show the contacts and the six pins they press against.

Open the Case or Slide Out the Tray
Access to a SIM card is either from the inside by taking the back off or by inserting a pin into the side of the phone that releases the tray.

Prepaid SIM Cards
For travelers with unlocked Android and other GSM cellphones, prepaid SIM cards can be purchased.

Mini or Micro
A SIM card may come in both Mini and Micro SIM formats that can be punched out as required.
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The operator said customers can already select micro SIMs or standard SIMs to swap their current SIM cards for the new nano version, as and when devices requiring them become available.
onb cam be t somT slo ex e p on no lik th SIM sw th ex sm lo tis The lack of an SD card slot means you can't expand the 16GB onboard memory and non-contract users will likely bemoan the fact that it uses a micro SIM.
Also from April 1, DOCOMO SIM cards ("FOMA(TM) cards") and micro SIM cards ("docomo mini UIM cards") will become available on a subscription basis for people who wish to use a non-DOCOMO device on the DOCOMO mobile network or a different SIM card in their DOCOMO device.
Micro SIM demands rise on popularity of iPhone 4 and iPad, which have stretched the demand beyond supply.
The iPad will only accept a new micro SIM, meaning you will need to sign up to a special plan with a mobile network.
It will utilise dual micro SIM cards to access multiple cell networks.
Not only is the iStand 6 a power case (3500mAh), it includes a Micro SIM card box and functions as a vertical stand.
0 ports, a micro SIM for a 3G or 4G network, and a micro USB port for charging, which will spare you lugging around another cord and brick.
Customers of the Monthly Plan Micro SIM card can enjoy the service for a monthly fee of just Dh5 which will be waived on subscription to one of du's attractive data bundles.
The iPad will only accept a new, smaller micro SIM, meaning you have to sign up to a special data plan with a mobile network.
The high-end software package included in the SIM card is compliant with the latest industry standards, and embedded for EE in both Micro SIM Plus and nano SIM (4FF) formats.
Then there are also the flaps covering the micro USB, micro SIM and microSD card slot.