ATX motherboard

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ATX motherboard

(Advanced Technology EXtended motherboard) The PC motherboard that superseded the Baby AT design. The ATX layout rotated the CPU and memory 90 degrees, allowing full-length expansions to be plugged into all sockets. The power supply blows air over the CPU rather than pulling air through the chassis.

Introduced in 1995, the ATX was the first PC motherboard to not only include I/O support (serial, parallel, mouse, etc.), but to place all the connectors directly on the motherboard. Prior to the ATX, only the keyboard connector was attached to the motherboard.

Numerous variations of the ATX were subsequently introduced with both smaller and larger form factors, including the microATX, Mini ATX, FlexATX and Extended ATX (see PC motherboards).

The ATX Motherboard
The motherboard glues all the components of a computer system together via its various slots, connectors and ports. In this case, Socket A is for an AMD Athlon XP CPU. DDR slots hold SDRAM memory modules, and the AGP and PCI slots hold the adapter cards. The back panel ports stick through the back of the case. (Image courtesy of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.,
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The KISS V3 CFL Rackmount Server is currently available in the 2U and 2U short versions based on the MicroATX format as well as the 4U based on the ATX format.
The trend to smaller footprint/volume systems for desktop PCs is somewhat constrained due to the channel segment (-50% of desktop volume) because of the economic infrastructure around standardized form factors (ATX, microATX, etc.).
The Z170 motherboard HP used on this machine is a standard microATX laid inverted to bring the I/O at the bottom and leaving the 420W power supply at the top.
factor motherboard, which at 17cm x 8.5cm, is half the size of the microATX
The FastStream line is also available as an embeddable microATX form factor for OEMs and system integrators and supports up to 64 storage devices internally.
General details* New ZOTAC GeForce 8100* High-performance value platform* NVIDIA GeForce 8100 graphics processor* AMD dual, tri and quad-core Phenom, Athlon and Sempron compatible* Socket AM2+* HyperTransport 3.0* MicroATX form factor* PCI Express 2.0 x16 expansion* DirectX 10 with Shader Model 4.0 compatible* NVIDIA Hybrid SLI ready* NVIDIA GeForce Boost ready* NVIDIA HybridPower ready* Six-channel high-definition audio* 10/100 Ethernet* DVI and VGA output
ITOX introduced its BL330-BR and BL330-B microATX form factor boards that support Intel Core2 Duo and Quad processors.
It says, "The Intel Lecta Concept Platform is an Intel Pentium 4 processor-based concept platform that showcases multiple, integrated, high-speed I/O and other technologies in a working platform--all in a MicroATX chassis." According to Intel, "Developers should begin designing platforms and applications which take advantage of these leading-edge technologies today." The system includes the following:
It will also be stepping up its efforts to remove legacy ISA hardware from standard PCs, and cutting motherboard, chassis and power supply costs through the introduction of the MicroATX form factor and chassis and power supply specifications.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE--(C) 1994-8 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD SOYO, a Taiwanese computer mainboard manufacturer, has introduced a new 100MHz Socket 7 AGP board in the MicroATX format.
Upgrade and Optimize: A sleek and refined black chassis that adheres to microATX standards with a tool-less access to the interior, and tool-less removal of up to two 3.5 drives; full-length graphics card support; and room for an industry-standard ATX power supply.
Not everyone has the luxury of space to house full tower cabinets, in such cases these boards with the microATX form factor cabinets are a good alternative.