Micro USB

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Micro USB

The very small USB port found on cellphones and other portable devices is a Micro-B socket. Considerably smaller than the USB Type B sockets on printers and scanners, the Micro-B socket is half the thickness of the Mini-B socket found on digital cameras. Micro-A plugs and Micro-AB sockets are the standard connectors for USB On-The-Go (see USB OTG). See USB 3.0 and USB.

The Smallest USB Socket
The cable that plugs into the USB 2.0 Micro-B socket on this smartphone has a Type A plug at the other end for the computer or AC charger. USB 3.0 Micro sockets accept a 2.0 Micro plug, but not vice versa.

Two-in-One Micro USB/USB
The common USB Type A and Micro-B can be combined in the same plug by using a moving outer shell.

Two-in-One Micro USB/USB
The common USB Type A and Micro-B can be combined in the same plug by using a moving outer shell.
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Linked by a flat cable band that is designed to rest comfortably on the back of your neck, the bullet-style earbuds are complemented by an in-line remote on one side that also neatly features a covered microUSB charging port.
While there's not a dedicated HDMI port, you can still display games on a TV by using a SlimPort adapter to attach an HDMI cable to the tablet's microUSB port.
The OTG microReader features standard USB and microUSB connectors, as well as a microSD card reader that's tucked inside the standard USB connector to save space and to enable the microSD card to be placed into the reader and then plugged into a device to transfer files.
The clutch-style leather bag is compatible with MICROUSB Smartphones and iPhones.
Simultaneously, Toshiba has also launched a 2nd generation USB adapter 'TJM35420AUX' for the Windows OS, and a MicroUSB adapter module 'TJM35420AMU' for the Android OS, that are compliant with TransferJet, with sales scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2015.
The campaign, which has three weeks remaining, offers an unlocked Sonim XP7 Extreme Android LTE Smartphone for USD579, and includes a ruggedized Bluetooth headset, Ultra Mobile SIM card (US Only), a microUSB adapter, and Sonim's comprehensive three-year warranty.
The XOO Belt works with both microUSB (Android) and Lightning cable (Apple devices).
Powered by standard 5V/1A microUSB adapter, iSensor HD offers the lowest power consumption in streaming HD video products today.
Aside from the usual Lightning connector, it also provides a MicroUSB jack on the exterior for charging the case and phone.
Its inteA[degrees] grated microUSB and Bluetooth 3.