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The local, rather uniform climate of a specific place or habitat, compared with the climate of the entire area of which it is a part.


Localized climate conditions within an urban area or building.



climate of the ground layer of air resulting from small-scale differences in the earth’s surface within a local climate. For example, a distinction is made in the local climate of a forest area between the microclimate of forest glades and the edges of forests and in the local climate of a city between the microclimate of squares, side streets, public gardens, and yards. Differences in the microclimate diminish rapidly with distance from the earth’s surface. They are also largely dependent on the weather, increasing in fair, calm weather and leveling out in overcast weather, in the absence of insolation, and when it is windy. Study of the microclimate requires the organization of a dense network of random meteorological observations and the comparison of these observations with the readings of a permanent basic weather station characterizing the corresponding local climate. Microclimatic surveys from motor vehicles are widely used. The peculiarities of the microclimate must be taken into account when positioning crops or moving them into new areas, when engaging in various types of land reclamation, in industrial and civilian construction, and so forth.


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The microclimate at Northern Black Swift (Cypseloides niger borealis) nests is believed to be an important requirement for nest-site selection but there is a paucity of information on temperature and, especially, relative humidity (RH) (Lowther and Collins 2002).
The idea is to ensure that the urban microclimate is properly understood in terms of boundary layers and locations.
The Estate Merlot from the Colchagua Valley has a microclimate from the low coastal mountains and the river basin.
Farmlands designated as 'strategic' had the highest soil productivity, access to affordable water, favorable microclimate for growing high-value crops such as citrus, and limited environmenta sensitivity and urban growth pressure.
Deforestation also increases flooding, reduces soil fertility and dries local microclimates, reducing the water supply.
5 million trees every year, hopes to double current availability by supplying a balance of new early and late varieties grown in a range of microclimates throughout Turkey.
We benefit from having many microclimates on the river and it shows in the diversity of plants that do well," says Hurd.
Questions like how important are external microclimates that buildings create through their effect on sunlight penetration and wind patterns, and do architects give sufficient consideration to natural wildlife habits within urban contexts?
But every garden also harbors a number of microclimates that make a world of difference to plants: the chill air that helps set buds on an apple tree can freeze orange blossoms.
Three different microclimates were simulated in incubators at 50, 70, and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Sainsbury Wing's willingness to change in relationship to the microclimates of its divergent adjacencies, both formally and associationally--and in particular the way in which it takes themes from William Wilkin's adjacent nineteenth-century edifice and playfully hints at the ways the original played with classicism as sign, while interweaving its forms with modernist gestures--are all direct developments of that contextualism without pastiche that characterized the "Philadelphia School" in the '60s and '70s.
The microclimates vary the amounts of indoor rain, humidity and sun each plant receives in order to closely mimic its natural environment, IFF executives said.