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Small neuroglia cells of the central nervous system having long processes and exhibiting ameboid and phagocytic activity under certain pathologic conditions.



mesoglia, small rounded cells in the central nervous system.

Microglia develop from cells of connective tissue and constitute about 10 percent of the total number of cells of the neuroglia. Each microglial cell is connected by branching processes with the neuron-neuroglia system and the brain capillaries. The number and size of the microglial cells increase with infections, intoxications, or brain edema. The cells perform a phagocytic role, removing necrotic sections of nerve tissue.

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After exposure to C20, animals had a significantly lower mean total microglial number than that in controls (T0; Figure 4), and the proportion of activated microglial cells was significantly higher than in controls at T0 and T1, but it was comparable to controls by T56 (Figure 3).
Caption: In this 3-D reconstruction, a microglial cell (red) engulfs synapses (green) in a mouse's hippocampus after an injection of the Alzheimer's-related protein amyloid-beta.
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We knew that in embryonic development, some blood cells do go to the brain and become microglial cells," said Chan.
Microglial cells, the nervous system's defenders, are unable to eliminate this substance, which forms deposits called senile plaques.
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