Hardness of microscopic areas of a metal or alloy.



the hardness of individual segments of the microstructure of a material.

The microhardness is measured by pressing with a diamond pyramid under a load of less than 2 newtons (200 grams-force). The size of the mark produced is measured under a microscope, and the hardness number—the ratio of the applied pressure to the surface area of the mark—is calculated using special tables. The instrument for determining microhardness permits selection of a particular segment of the microstructure onto which the diamond will be pressed. Such selection, as well as the small size of the marks produced, makes possible measurement of the microhardness of crystals of individual phases or various segments of a grain.

Data on microhardness are used in studying plastic deformations and the nonuniformity of distribution of dissolved impurities along the grain, as well as for plotting phase equilibrium diagrams.

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Tenders are invited for Vickers microhardness hardness tester - 2019/0127
These acids have been shown to have damaging effects on the polymer network of RBC resin adversely affecting their physical properties including; microhardness.11
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Using pink light, a combination of red and standard blue light, VALIANT PINK significantly improves microhardness and degree of conversion of composite materials plus generates less heat than standard curing lights.
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The following parameters were adopted as response ones: high-altitude roughness characteristics Ra, Rz and microhardness H[mu], characterising the quality of the machined surface.
There have been studies investigating microhardness as well as properties such as the biocompatibility of calcium silicate-based sealers.
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