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A calculus of microscopic size.



a small stone tool, sometimes of geometric shape (triangle, trapezoid, lunate). Microliths became widespread in the Mesolithic period in many regions of Africa, Europe, and Asia; they were also used in the Neolithic. In the USSR they have been found in the Crimea and other parts of the Ukraine, in the Lower Volga region, in Middle Asia, and in Kazakhstan. Microliths were used as arrowheads, or they were inserted into the grooves of bone and wooden implements, thus forming a flint cutting edge.

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Mode 5 tools are the microliths, very small blades used as inserts in compound tools.
1] The microliths gradually grow within the alveoli to fill the entire alveolar space and damage the alveolar walls with fibrous tissue replacement.
Regarding the study of tools of Microlith in Tibet, many scholars have already given extensive details on them, assuming that Tibet's Microlithic or Mesolithic age began somewhat late.
This program will allow us to continue developing our breakthrough Microlith fuel reforming and fuel processing technologies for the marine market," said PCI president Kevin Burns.
When combined with Ciba colorants such as Microlith A and Orasol, it enables creation of colorful mirror effects.
Each triangular or crescent-shaped microlith is about the size of a fingernail.
Fig:2 USG whole abdomen showed moderate hepatomegaly with huge splenomegaly, extensive splenic micro calcification, dilated PV and SPV and microlith in right kidney.
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A single backed geometric microlith occurs at Site P5313 immediately below a 2400 BP date (Brown 1987:43).
Hurrison JD, Epivatimos A & Bhatia SN: Role of microlith in the etiology of chronic submandibular sialadenitis--a clinicopathological investigation of 154 cases.
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