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Irregularities of the land surface causing variations in elevation amounting to no more than a few feet.



relief forms that are details of larger surface forms, for example, knolls, channel banks and spits, small sinkholes, polygonal ground, sand ripples, and steppe hollows. Microrelief is usually produced by exogenous processes.

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15) developed a microrelief index based upon the shelter angle, defined as the maximum angle from the horizontal between a vertex point and adjacent measured elevation points within a 0.
Variety is introduced into the apparently monotonous tundra landscape by variation in latitude, influenced by the nearby relatively warm or cold oceanic masses or currents by the influence of the microrelief, which is in turn highly influenced by the permafrost; and by the appearance of water wherever there is the slightest depression in the landscape.
Then, an immediate smoothing effect on the cutaneous microrelief was underlined by profilometry on the forearms, 2 hours after a single application of ASE at 4% (Ra=-5,7%, P=0,0099; Rz=-3,5%, P=0,0056).
Aratura contribuie la acumularea apei n sol, distrugerea buruienilor, ameliorarea structurii si aeratiei solului, crearea unui microrelief favorabil apei din precipitatii.
The surfaces of the samples were leveled to minimize the effects of shading by microrelief or by the edge of the container.
The investigators concluded that the topical cosmetic formulation with green tea yielded salient moisturizing and cutaneous microrelief benefits.
Lathe Turning of Complex Shaped Parts Providing Desired Surface Microrelief / Russian Engineering Research, 2016, Vol.
The following parameters are determined: elevation above sea level, type of relief, exposure, slope in degrees, position on the slope (relative elevation) and microrelief.
The microrelief of the implant titanium nickelide thread surface has been established to be characterized by sharply marked roughness and nanostructuring, as well as by the presence of multiple macro- and micropores of irregular shape and different size, and some of them are of size below 100 nm (Figure 1 a).
The spatial contours of SP-1 shifted to a reduced portion of the microrelief due to the concentration of its vegetating members in a more favorable microsite (see Fig.
The most common positive effect in the boundary friction between surfaces with a partially regular microrelief can be explained in relation to the lubrication conditions improved by increasing oil absorption (Schneider 1982, 1998, 2001).
The process occurs during floods, with fine silt deposition and formation of microrelief meadow and thalweg with flat bottomed specific to all brooks.