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Irregularities of the land surface causing variations in elevation amounting to no more than a few feet.



relief forms that are details of larger surface forms, for example, knolls, channel banks and spits, small sinkholes, polygonal ground, sand ripples, and steppe hollows. Microrelief is usually produced by exogenous processes.

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The use of the median is suggested by Persson (2005a) as a way to overcome the deviations caused by the shading of the microrelief formed on the surfaces of the soil samples.
Results showed a moisturizing effect and enhancement in skin microrelief, as well as improvements in skin elasticity and barrier function.
It is located on the bottom of the mountains, near the sea, with a varied microrelief and strongly affected by the salt-laden sea winds (salt spray).
To investigate the influence of surfaces with a partially regular microrelief on the tribological characteristics of samples, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of shape errors as well as the influence of friction surface position errors.
A microrelief meter similar to that described by Kuipers [34] was used to measure surface roughness.
The new switch effect we have developed cannot be replicated using optical technologies for microrelief formation.
In the case of Vertisols, the presence of smectites is responsible for their unique morphological properties, such as the clay content (>30%), shrink-swell activities, presence of slickensides, wedge-shaped peds, and gilgai microrelief.
They cover using LIDAR to model Mima mound evolution and regional energy valances in California's Great Central Valley, "pimple" mound microrelief in southern Saskatchewan, alpine and montane Mima mounds of the western US, the biodynamic significance of double stone layers in Mima mounds, the forgotten natural prairie mounds of the Upper Midwest, and the polygenetic origin of prairie mounds in northeastern California.
This means that changes in the DE can be attributed to the significant alteration of geometrical parameters of the grating's microrelief (Fig.
First, microrelief at the release site was unfavourable for visual observations in the area.
Moreover, the atmospheric phase screen for spotlight data interferometry is investigated in [13], and a spatial variation of coherence on the microrelief scale is analyzed for high resolution spotlight images in [14].
Effect of tillage on fractal indices describing soil surface microrelief of a Brazilian Alfisol.