miniaturized satellite

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miniaturized satellite

A communications satellite that is considerably smaller and lighter than the geostationary satellites that weigh several tons. Smaller satellites are less costly to manufacture and deploy and can be piggybacked on rockets with the launch of larger satellites. Miniaturized satellites are designated by their maximum weight, as follows:
 Approximate             Maximum WeightType                    (pounds)

 minisatellite (minisat)   1,100

 microsatellite (microsat)   220

 nanosatellite (nanosat)      22

 picosatellite (picosat)       2.2
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The Ranger series of satellite terminals represent the highest quality and easiest to use microsats on the market, said President & CEO Dr.
However, as the successful marketing of microsat capabilities demonstrates, far from migrating capabilities overseas, joint ventures result in greater product use and growing markets for all concerned.
MicroSat's managers hope their company will be at the forefront of the micro-satellite industry, providing launch services for academic, corporate and government customers.
MicroSat Systems (MSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of SNC, will design the spacecraft and perform integration and test activities for the OG2 satellites.
Everyone is hoping the microsat will help the space program zoom high.
Microsat was used to compute the diversity for each SSR marker.
The actual calculations were performed using the Microsat v1.5 program (Minch et al., 1997) and the resulting table used in a neighbor joining program (Felsenstein, 1993) to generate a phylogram of genetic relationships.
Later, the payload Microsat developed by the ISRO will be taken down to a lower orbit at 359-kilometre height and launched using the 'multiple engine switch-on' method.
TANEGASHIMA Space Center, Kagoshima, Japan-The Philippines reaffirms its entry into the 'space revolution' with the launching on Monday (October 29) of its second microsatellite (microsat)-the Diwata-2-in the space center in Tanegashima Island in the south of Kyushu.