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nodding microseris

nodding microseris

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The taxonomy of the three local Microseris species has been recently reviewed by Walsh (2016).
According to phylogenetic studies (Jansen et al, 1991, Whitton et al, 1995), Nothocalais is most closely related to Uropappus and Agoseris, the three genera together comprising a clade sister to Microseris.
In Microseris, allopolyploidization is hypothesized to have occurred prior to dispersal from North America, followed by extirpation of the allotetraploid and one parent in North America and subsequent diversification of the allotetraploid in Australia and New Zealand (Vijverberg et al., 2000).
These men are growing seedlings-early blue violet, showy fleabane, cut-leaf microseris that biologists will use to replant prairie on a large scale on protected land at the Fort Lewis Army base just outside Tacoma.
Grehan, empleando un caso de estudio (Microseris y la cuenca del Pacifico), demuestra que el analisis comparativo de los datos espaciales, a traves del enfoque de la panbiogeografia, permite descubrir patrones que no son accesibles mediante otros metodos.
NM 3 N P U Su Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) Porter SC I A D Sp Microseris cuspidata (Push) Sch.-Bip.
Genotype relationships in Microseris elegan (Asteraceae, Lactuceae) revealed by DNA amplification from arbitrary primers (RAPDS).
Functional group Species E Early season annuals Lasthenia californica Lindley Microseris douglasii (DC.) Schultz-Bip.
ex Lindley, Microseris douglasii (DC.) Schultz-Bip., and Plantago erecta (Morris); late-season annuals - Hemizonia luzulaefolia (DC.) ssp.
Determination of organ numbers during inflorescence development of Microseris (Asteraceae: Lactuceae).
(1981), working with Microseris begelovii (Gray) Sch.-Bip., correlated low DNA values with sandy soils and dry growing conditions.