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nodding microseris

nodding microseris

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According to phylogenetic studies (Jansen et al, 1991, Whitton et al, 1995), Nothocalais is most closely related to Uropappus and Agoseris, the three genera together comprising a clade sister to Microseris.
For Microseris and Nicotiana, in contrast, the favored hypothesis is equivocal with respect to available data.
Incipient adaptive radiation of New Zealand and Australian Microseris (Asteraceae): an amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) study.
These men are growing seedlings-early blue violet, showy fleabane, cut-leaf microseris that biologists will use to replant prairie on a large scale on protected land at the Fort Lewis Army base just outside Tacoma.
Genotype relationships in Microseris elegan (Asteraceae, Lactuceae) revealed by DNA amplification from arbitrary primers (RAPDS).
Functional group Species E Early season annuals Lasthenia californica Lindley Microseris douglasii (DC.
Determination of organ numbers during inflorescence development of Microseris (Asteraceae: Lactuceae).
1981), working with Microseris begelovii (Gray) Sch.
Detection of intraspecific variation in nuclear DNA content in Microseris douglasii.
Genome size variation in diploid Microseris begelovii (Asteraceae).