server appliance

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server appliance

A self-contained computer system specialized for network use. Its applications are pre-installed, and access to setup and configuration is via a Web browser. Also called a "micro server," a server appliance may provide a single application or several such as file server, Web server, mail server and firewall.

Plug In and Go
Server appliances are designed to be plugged into the network and configured, loaded with files and begin working immediately with limited or no technical support, at least for a power user or experienced network administrator. The appliance may also include a RAID-based disk system and redundant power supplies to provide an increased level of fault tolerance.

The router is often considered the first server appliance, because it plugs into the network and performs the single function of packet forwarding. However, routers come in many sizes and complexities, the larger ones requiring significant technical expertise and detailed knowledge of the network. See Internet appliance.

The Qube
One of the first server appliances, the 8" Qube from Sun was used for public websites and intranets. It included Web and mail servers, discussion groups, firewall, document indexing and HTML editing. (Image courtesy of Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
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Objective: Modular Microserver DataCentre (M2DC) will investigate, develop and demonstrate (Technology Readiness Level 7) a modular, highly-efficient, cost-optimized server architecture composed of heterogeneous microserver computing resources, being able to be tailored to meet requirements from various application domains such as image processing, cloud computing or even HPC.
The concept of a microserver involves installing multiple servers into one physical chassis for shared power and cooling.
AMD also bought microserver company SeaMicro for $334 million in 2012 but exited that market last year.
The roadmap starts immediately with the first proof points being the 1000x denser microserver.
NMCI alone relies on 10 classified and 25 unclassified server farms, and 30 microserver farms to deliver enterprise network IT services to its more than 700,000 users.
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To be clear, Cleantech Servers are not another microserver for microjobs' these are true industrial grade brawny core servers with very high I/O that are built using our Cleantech Architecture with the mature PowerLinux technology that has already been scaled and proven in the data centers years ago.
The 6W chip is designed for the emerging microserver market.
La compania presento ProLiant MicroServer, solucion enfocada a micro, pequenas y medianas empresas, la cual les permitira atender sus necesidades tecnologicas a precios accesibles y sin requerir de una gran infraestructura.
HP's first ProLiant MicroServer is designed to enable small companies to confidently grow while taking advantage of the reliability, performance and security of a server.