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(1) (.NET) A software platform for developing applications from Microsoft. See .NET Framework.

(2) (.NETwork) A top-level Internet domain used by carriers, ISPs and other communications-oriented organizations. Both .net and .com domains are sometimes used by the same company. For example, Comcast uses www.comcast.net as a general-purpose news and entertainment portal, while www.comcast.com is used for its products and services. However, the domain is not restricted, and anyone can register a .net domain, even if they have nothing to do with communications. See Internet domain name.
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ONGROUP INTL., a provider of solutions that combine MultiValue with SQL, Microsoft .NET and more, is launching its platform directly on .NET, giving users the opportunity to boost their MultiValue systems.
DotNetNuke 8.0.3, is well known in the web industry and familiar among .NET developers, as a Web Content Management System (WCMS) based on Microsoft .NET platform.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2016-Neuron ESB partners with CertainSafe for Microsoft .NET
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 25, 2016-Neuron ESB partners with CertainSafe for Microsoft .NET
Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer; electronics projects for hobbyists and inventors.
The library currently supports not only Microsoft .NET 3.5 and 4.0, but also Mono (2.6.7 and higher).
Capture driven process automation solutions provider Kofax plc (LSE:KFX) announced on Thursday the release of Atalasoft DotImage 10, the latest version of its software development toolkit (SDK) for Microsoft .NET developers.
The IronRuby language enables developers to write elegant, efficient Ruby code that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft .NET objects and leverages .NET's full capabilities.
UNI/CARE's Pro-Filer is a Microsoft .NET certified Electronic Health Record enabling organizations to service multiple domains within a connected continuum of care environment.
Microsoft .Net developers will be able to use MonoTouch while fully complying with Apple's license terms."<p>MonoTouch 1.9, an alpha release of the kit featuring iPad capabilities, was made available this week week.
Summary: (www.alchemysolutions.com) provider of legacy modernization solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework, today celebrates the first anniversary of its