Microsoft IIS

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Qualys research analysts currently contribute to CIS benchmarks for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform; and they have also contributed to benchmarks for Oracle Linux, IBM AIX and Microsoft IIS. Qualys offers these CIS policies out-of-the-box in its enterprise Policy Compliance (PC) solutions and makes them available free to all organisations through its Community Edition.
New York, NY, February 11, 2014 --(, a leading web hosting provider and ASP.NET specialist, today launched the latest update of the Microsoft IIS technology.
Support for Apple HLS, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH and MP4 formats is included.
The new failover configuration supports both Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS) or Microsoft IIS web farms using Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB).
"We can now encode a spectrum of bitrates in H.264 and AAC-LC [Advanced Audio Coding--Low Complexity] in IIS Smooth Streaming format," said John Deutscher, senior program manager for the Microsoft IIS Media team, "push them to the IIS server, and deliver out to Silverlight clients on Mac, PC, and Linux.
The Web technology is designed for the Microsoft IIS Web Server.
The Bell Server Replication service, provided on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, features: data protection via real-time WAN replication of file servers and databases for Windows Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, BlackBerry and Oracle; application availability via failover and failback for file servers, Exchange, SQL, IIS and Oracle; continuous data protection that provides data recovery in the event of isolated data corruption episodes; and site compliance through fully automated, scheduled tests without disrupting the production environment or existing data protection and rapid provisioning.
The worm took advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft IIS servers and would self-replicate by exploiting the same vulnerability in other Microsoft IIS machines.
* Web server integration -- supporting the most widely deployed web server technologies including Microsoft IIS via ISAPI filters, and Apache with extensions.
Solutions that Versora offer include Linux mail and collaboration migration from Microsoft Exchange servers, Linux database migration from Microsoft SQL servers, Apache web server migration from Microsoft IIS web servers, and Windows to Linux desktop migration.
If you have a Microsoft IIS, Active Server Pages (ASP) may be the natural place to begin a Web-scripting project.

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