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(operating system, storage)
An MS-DOS command to check for faults on a disk and provide a graphical representation the results. Scandisk was introduced with MS-DOS version 6 to replace CHKDSK.


A DOS utility included only in Windows 95/98/ME that detected and repaired errors on disk. Similar to the Chkdsk utility, ScanDisk reclaimed lost clusters and turned them into .CHK files. It also performed a surface scan of the disk. ScanDisk (SCANDISK.EXE) was first shipped with DOS 6.2 and used a character-based menu interface. If Windows crashed or the computer lost power, the next time the computer was booted, ScanDisk ran automatically.

Chkdsk (CHKDSK.EXE) is a command line program that reclaims lost clusters and has shipped with every version of Windows thus far. See lost cluster and Chkdsk.
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Some are included with the operating system such as Microsoft ScanDisk, Apple's First Aid, or a third-party program such as Symantec's Norton Utilities, to repair damage to your hard drive's directory structure -- essentially its "Table of Contents".
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8 31,100 84% Microsoft Scandisk 7 99 28,065 75% Microsoft Network 8 28 28,037

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