Microsoft Transaction Server

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Microsoft Transaction Server

A TP monitor for Windows NT servers from Microsoft that supports transaction-based applications on LANs, the Internet and intranets. It also serves as the infrastructure for a multi-tier system. It is used in the middle tier between the client and the database server. Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) supports two-phase commit with its included Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC).

Based on Microsoft's component software architecture (COM), MTS hosts business logic written as ActiveX Server Components. A component is written for a single user, and MTS scales the process for many users. The server components access the required data via any of several interfaces including ADO, OLE DB and ODBC. In Windows 2000, MTS is not a separate component, but is part of the operating system. See Microsoft Message Queue Server.

Middle Tier Processing
Microsoft Transaction Server provides the infrastructure for the middle tier in a transaction environment. It serves as the container for ActiveX components.
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Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Transaction Server, Active Server Page and Microsoft SQL Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Through its strategic relationship with Microsoft, MERANT DataDirect fully supports distributed applications running on Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).
The application, based on server-side Visual Basic(R) development system COM components running in Microsoft Transaction Server, was loaded with 5,000 concurrent Web clients while maintaining average response times of less than two seconds per page.
The NetIQ AppManager Suite provides comprehensive monitoring of Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based systems and applications including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Internet Information Service, Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft Transaction Server.
Using Point-and-Click Interactions, Drumbeat supports key server-side technologies of Windows DNA, including Active Server Pages (ASPs), Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) technology, Component Object Model objects and Microsoft SQL Server(TM), as well as client-side functionality including Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Scripting Components, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), ActiveX(R) technologies and data-binding.
Xtremesoft Business Bandwidth (TM) solutions are currently available for applications built using Microsoft Transaction Server on Windows NT 4.
Vectrix EdgeworX 2000: E-Commerce Edition takes advantage of the Microsoft COM programming model, as well as Visual Basic(R) for Applications (VBA), ActiveX(R) Data Objects (ADO), Windows NT(R) Server's Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) technology, and the WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
0, Microsoft Transaction Server and Internet Information Server, PremierEcom can process more than 5 million Internet banking transactions in 24 hours, while maintaining an average response time under 3.

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