Microsoft Windows

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Microsoft Windows

(operating system)
Microsoft's proprietary window system and user interface software released in 1985 to run on top of MS-DOS. Widely criticised for being too slow (hence "Windoze", "Microsloth Windows") on the machines available then.

The 1996 market share of operating systems was:

DOS/Windows 70% Windows 95 15% Windows NT 2% Other 13%

The version history goes something like: 1985 Windows 1, 1987 Windows 2, 1987 Windows/386, 1990 Windows 3.0, 1992 Windows 3.1, 1992 Windows for Workgroups 3.1, 1993 Windows 3.11, 1993 Windows for Workgroups 3.11, 1993 Windows NT 3.1, 1994 Windows NT 3.5, 1995 Windows 95, 199? Windows NT 4, 1998 Windows 98, ? Windows NT 5.

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The most widely used operating system for desktop and laptop computers. Developed by Microsoft, Windows primarily runs on x86-based computers (the ubiquitous PC), although previous versions ran on Intel Itanium CPUs. Windows also used to run on ARM CPUs (see Windows RT), and Windows on ARM is making a comeback (see Windows 10 on ARM). According to Microsoft, as of 2020, there are 1.5 billion Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows Server machines in use worldwide. While Windows is the dominant desktop operating system, Linux is widely used on servers (see Linux).

Although the Mac popularized the graphical user interface (GUI) and desktop environment, Windows followed suit while making dramatic changes over the years (see GUI). Windows comes in both client and server versions, all of which support networking, the difference being that the server architecture is designed for dedicated servers and not desktop use. See Linux, operating system, smartphone operating system and embedded OS.

Thin Windows Clients
In many organizations, Windows runs in a thin client environment, whereby the user's PC functions like a terminal to a central server. For more details, see Remote Desktop Services.

Windows Versions
Starting with Windows 1.0 in 1985, the OS evolved into numerous incarnations. It originally was a graphical extension to the DOS operating system but was integrated with DOS as of Windows 95. For version history, see Windows versions. See Microsoft Bob.

Windows How to's
All the Windows "how to's" in this encyclopedia have a "Win" prefix in front of their name in order to group them together; for example, Win Change Windows appearance and Win Desktop search. For fundamentals on how to work with Windows, see Win abc's and Win10 abc's.
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* Microsoft Windows Update
It came standard with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, and software such as Microsoft Works 7.0, PictureGearStudio, Microsoft Money 2003, SonicStage, McAfee Security Center, Inuit Quicken 2003, Adobe QuickTime, Network Smart Capture, and Java Web Start.
Users' ever-expanding needs fur scalable storage solutions are clear, well understood, and urgent; iSCSI and Dynamic storage exist and are architected in such a way that they are easily deployable; Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world and iSCSI and TOE capability is being built into industry standard Gigabit Ethernet cards.
On its web site, Microsoft advises computers are not vulnerable to the worm if you are using Microsoft Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition (SE); or Windows Millennium (Me); or if users installed security update MS03026 before August 11, when the worm was discovered.
TeliaSonera said that the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone Qtek 7070 would be commercially available at selected TeliaSonera stores and retailers in Sweden from 2 June 2003.
The company had previously released last summer BeTwin 98/ME that provided the same functionality running under Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE and Windows Millennium.
Microsoft designed the Windows Datacenter Program to complement the Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server operating system.
Learning Microsoft Windows XP is the fastest and easiest way to install, use, and enjoy the power of Windows XP.
The new iPresentation Mobile Playback Option supports Microsoft Windows Media Player and PowerPoint presentation graphics program.
What we have found is that on a Microsoft Windows NT network, a combination of Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook clients work the best.
InfoLibria and Microsoft have worked together to optimize MediaMall for the Microsoft Windows Media Technologies Platform.

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