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(1) (.NET) A software platform for developing applications from Microsoft. See .NET Framework.

(2) (.NETwork) A top-level Internet domain used by carriers, ISPs and other communications-oriented organizations. Both .net and .com domains are sometimes used by the same company. For example, Comcast uses www.comcast.net as a general-purpose news and entertainment portal, while www.comcast.com is used for its products and services. However, the domain is not restricted, and anyone can register a .net domain, even if they have nothing to do with communications. See Internet domain name.
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Telliant Systems' services are available for a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft.NET Development and Java/2EE, utilizing a range of open source technologies such as Linux, PHP, MySQL.
software, which is based on Microsoft.NET Random class selection on the system time.
XP2 with scalable technology and established interfaces for a variety of enterprise solutions, supports account processing for credit unions, XP2 features a Microsoft.NET Framework architecture open at every tier and a member-centric design backed by an IBM DB2 relational database.
According to the company, ReportServer 2.1 allows businesses to host reports created using a variety of Microsoft.NET reporting packages for more robust reporting options.
Stoecker's MCPD EXAM REF 70-518 (9780735667236, $39.99) covers the basics of designing Windows applications using Microsoft.NET Framework 4.
It has been developed using C# for Microsoft.NET. StarQuery Suite requires no data warehousing or modifications to your existing infrastructure, and the installation can be completed in just a few minutes.
The article has inaccuracies, such as since "DotNetNuke provides a web content management platform for Microsoft.NET. ..." Since it is [a] Microsoft product, there is no "open source concept." [DotNetNuke is an open source project that provides a Web Content Management Platform for building websites and web applications on Microsoft.NET.--Ed.]
VOD 8 is a major upgrade from its predecessor, VOD 7, providing enhanced support for high performance computing multi-CPU/multi-core server architectures, significant optimizations in internal memory management and caching implementations, and updates to its standard programming interfaces for Java/Java Data Objects (JDO) and Microsoft.NET.
INKforce(TM) is developed on the Microsoft.net platform and highly configurable to existing workflows and best practices.
RFID readers are being installed at the entry and exit points of the grocer"s distribution centers, and all of its fleet will be affixed with a rugged RFID tag, automating the processing of arrival and departure information.The solution was designed using the Microsoft.NET platform, and is part of the Retalix Transportation solutions suite, which is designed to fulfill the transportation requirements of inbound and outbound traffic, yard management and dock scheduling for retailers and distributors.The Golub Corp.
Based on a Microsoft.NET technical framework and in pilot with certain National Financial users since the fourth quarter of 2008, the suite offers news, market data, charts, and Lipper ratings for investments (Lipper is now owned by Thomson Reuters), but also offers strong book management and investment planning features, says Healy.

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