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A sporophyll bearing microsporangia.
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a leaf in Pteridophyta and seed plants on which (or in the axil of which) only microsporangia (or one microsporangium) arise. Microsporangia are the receptacles of microspores. Microsporophylls are formed in heterosporous Lycopodiales (for example, Selaginella) and in gymnosperms. In angiosperms the stamen is homologous to the microsporophyll.

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and large microsporangiate cones with rounded microsporophylls that lack
cones with microsporophylls that possess a distinct apiculus, and
are intermediate in size, with rounded microsporophylls that lack any
microsporangiate cones on long peduncles with rounded microsporophylls
microsporophylls that lack any apiculus distinguish this species.
microsporangiate cones with mostly nonspinescent microsporophylls. This
cones with long, narrow microsporophylls, those with long apical spines,
Pollen strobili simple, axillary, on the most recent year's branchlets, borne on minute recurved peduncles so that the strobili are most easily visible from the lower surface of the branchlet, 4-10 mm long, subtended by 12 or 16 keeled sterile scales arranged in 4 vertical rows; microsporophylls numerous (20-36), arranged in alternating whorls of 4, hyposporangiate (occasionally perisporangiate), dorsiventral, each with (3-)4(-6-7) microsporangia.