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A sporophyll bearing microsporangia.



a leaf in Pteridophyta and seed plants on which (or in the axil of which) only microsporangia (or one microsporangium) arise. Microsporangia are the receptacles of microspores. Microsporophylls are formed in heterosporous Lycopodiales (for example, Selaginella) and in gymnosperms. In angiosperms the stamen is homologous to the microsporophyll.

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microsporangiate cones with mostly nonspinescent microsporophylls.
cones with long, narrow microsporophylls, those with long apical spines,
microsporangiate cones with small, short microsporophylls and thickened
Pollen strobili axillary, simple (or at least appearing so), 2-3 x 2-3 mm; with 8 spreading, decussate ovate or obovate, sterile scales below and 2 sterile scales among the microsporophylls; microsporophylls 10, perisporangiate (rarely hyposporangiate near strobilus apex), radially symmetrical, peltate, each with (2-)4-6 united sporangia.
10; microsporophylls 6-14, perisporangiate, radially symmetrical, peltate, each bearing 4-9 microsporangia.
Taxus differs from Torreya in its obviously alternate leaves and open red aril; from Pseudotaxus by its red aril, lack of sterile scales among the microsporophylls, and fewer scales subtending the ovule; from Austrotaxus by its simple pollen strobili and smaller leaves; and from Amentotaxus by its alternate leaves and simple, axillary pollen strobili.