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A type of circular particle accelerator for accelerating electrons to energies of several megaelectronvolts, in which the time of successive revolutions of the particles increases by exactly one cycle of the accelerating radio-frequency voltage, so that synchronism is maintained.



a cyclic resonant electron accelerator with a magnetic field that is constant over time, a constant frequency of the accelerating voltage, and a variable frequency ratio.

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Microtron Mill for Nano processing--high energy milling using fine media
Tenders are invited for Supplying and Installing of spectrofluorometer to Microtron centre mangalore University
The Microtron MB 550 is suited for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and reducing the Size of cuttable materials.
Five sub-regional county winners from Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria received the accolade, but CDC Microtron were crowned overall winners in the North West for their progress this year.
CDC Microtron at Willow Court business park was formed by John Allen and Alan Taylor after a chance meeting at a concert in Florida, USA.
A radiation therapist uses a microtron to treat a cancer patient and an inmate looks out of the window of Winson Green gymnasium
Electrons are injected into the magnetic field at an energy of 10 MeV using a small microtron accelerator (not shown).
The Microtron E C control unit oral surgery drill was bought with money raised by both the League of Friends of George Eliot Hospital and the Hospital's Charitable Trust Fund.
The paper installed the microtron that charges the film on a remote imagesetter and had immediate problems controlling distribution of the charge across the image area.
The MT Series is a heavy-duty, two-drum slitter-rewinder with shaftless rewinding, multiple rewinding options and the Cameron Microtron microprocessor-control packages--one for paper mills, one for converting applications.
The samples of PS, PMMA and PVC, EVA, and their selected blends of 70/30, 50/50, 30/70 compositions were irradiated at the Microtron Center, Mangalore University campus, Mangalore, at a dose of 100 kGy.
5 Mev energy from a type of Microtron accelerator, current 50 mA, pulse 4 [mu]s, frequency 100 Hz.