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The discharge of urine from the bladder. Also known as micturition.
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(also called micturition), the reflex act of excreting urine from the body.

Uropoiesis—the production of urine—is a constant process, but urination occurs only intermittently, as the urinary bladder fills. Humans urinate four to six times daily. Urine is prevented from escaping from the bladder by two ring-shaped layers of muscle fibers: an internal sphincter, which consists of smooth muscle fibers, and an external one, which consists of striated fibers. When the pressure within the bladder reaches 2–2.66 kN/m2 (kilonewtons per square meter), or 15–20 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury), stimulation of the mechanoreceptors (the nerve endings of sensory neurons) in the wall of the bladder elicits the urge to urinate. In man, this critical pressure is achieved when 300–350 ml of urine accumulate in the bladder. During urination, the external sphincter relaxes reflexively as the muscles of the bladder wall contract.

Urination is regulated by the nerve centers in the spinal cord and brain; these centers are controlled, in turn, by the cerebral cortex. The filling of the urinary bladder arouses the cerebral cortex to elicit the urge to urinate. Certain neurological diseases, as well as injuries to the muscles of the urinary bladder, impair urination.


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What does it mean when you dream about urination?

Urination in a dream has several interpretations that range from inhibited sexual desires to the outpouring of emotional feelings that have been repressed.

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Releasing bodily wastes in a dream suggests a need to release repressed emotions and/or anxiety. At times, urination may have sexual connotations. Many people dream about the need to urinate, which wakes them up, and then they realize that they need to use the bathroom. At times, the dream triggers the physical sensation and other times the physical sensation may become a part of the dream.
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The latter authors also indicated that the nonneuronal acetylcholine may play a role in the regulation of the bladder tone in the storage phase of the micturation reflex, particularly in the elderly and so, the antimuscarinic agents are effective fore the treatment of detrusor over-activity.
Flank pain is the most common presenting symptom (85.5%) in our study followed by fever (76.95%), burning micturation (65.55%), hematuria and mass in loin (34.2%).
Some authors recommend no therapy for asymptomatic cases.11 However incontinence obstructive symptoms double micturation recurrent infection and cosmetic concerns are among indications for surgery.12 Treatment options for UD include follow-up without a specific therapy urethral dilatation perineal urethrostomy urethrourethrostomy and surgical operations such as urethroplasty surgery using buccal mucosal or tubularized grafts.13 In cases where reconstructive surgery is planned a cystoscopy should definitely be performed to assess functional urethra and sphincteric mechanism.
He said he had micturation feeling and after micturation he felt relieved.
Male patients presenting with the history of lower urinary tract symptoms s uch as frequency of micturation, nocturia, hesitancy, urgency, dribbling and or, retention were evaluated in surgical out-patient department for prostatic enlargement.
Child had a good appetite and unaltered bowel and bladder habits, no h/o vomiting, fever, burning micturation. On physical examination his vital signs were normal.
Most patients presented with complaint of poor urinary stream, dribbling of urine and crying during micturation. Of the total, 21 patients presented with retention of urine (Table-1).
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All patients were prepared with low fat diet for 2 days to reduce bowel gases after which a preliminary post micturation control x-ray film was taken which included kidney and urinary bladder.
Paragangliomas of the urinary bladder often present with attacks of hypertension during micturation that are typically provoked by detrusor muscle activity along with haematuria.4 The characteristic symptoms of paragangliomas include one or more of the triad of the symptoms of headache, sweating, or palpitations.
Mode of onset of disease was asymptomatic in 35(76%) cases while, in rest of the patients there were symptoms of fatigue, increased thirst and micturation. In known diabetics, most of the cases 26(57%) were diabetic from last 1-5 years.
There was no history of fever, burning micturation, nausea or vomiting.