Middle Country

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Middle Country:

see Middle KingdomMiddle Kingdom
or Middle Country,
Mandarin Zhongguo, Chinese name for China. It dates from c.1000 B.C., when it designated the Chou empire situated on the North China Plain.
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In "Tweens, Teens, & Zines at the Library" (SLJ November 14, 2018), Maggie Carson "suggests inviting community members into your library to discuss aspects of zine making including a letterpress printer and an art therapist." At the Middle Country Public Library, we decided to explore one aspect of this partnership, which brought our zine programming to a whole new level.
"We are the middle country, what should we do?" Prayut told reporters.
It will take place at the company's new showroom at 401 Middle Country Road, Smithtown, NY.
case, the equipment is believed to be exported to a middle country and then re-exported to Iran and Syria.
3) Is it wise to do a transit of oil through two countries rather than one country; and what could happen if the middle country on the transit to the sea or ocean gets into troubles with any of the two countries involved in the deal?
Feinberg (director, Middle Country Public Library on Long Island, New York) and Keller (director of library planning and design for VITETTA Architects and Engineers) provide guidance on the design of space for children in libraries and other public places, covering concerns of "architecture, interior design, graphic design, themed design, and the continuum of these aspects as they inform space for children and teens." Their chapters examine, in turn: design facilitation; reflecting the mission of the library; spatial planning of furniture, shelving, and equipment; relationships and adjacencies; architectural and environmental elements; providing a welcoming space; mood and ambiance; and financial, political, and administrative considerations.
The Middle Country Public Library in Suffolk County, N.Y., processed 3,700 registrations in less than 4 hours with Innovative Interfaces' Program Registration product.
We used these same factors to examine current public library programming and to analyze three case studies we have deemed as best practice: Broward County Public Library, Ocean County Public Library, and Middle Country Public Library.
Sandra Jemal, Jill O'Keefe, Directors 2777 Middle Country Rd., Lk.
A project of Libraries for the Future and Middle Country Public Library in Centereach, N.Y., Family Place Libraries offer information and guidance on early childhood, parent education, emergent literacy, socialization and family support.
First, she extends the boundaries of the Low Country all the way to the fall line, including a tier of inland counties often referred to as the "Middle Country," and second, she defines the yeoman as a land owner who relied upon the work of himself and his family, even if they were assisted by as many as nine slaves.
He served as a board member of his community Greek church, Middle Country Growth Coalition, Long Island Building Owners-Managers Association and the Real Estate Institute.