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The current research appreciates the palynofacies analysis of the Middle Permian (i.e.
During the Middle Permian in Abu Dhabi, the climate gradually became warmer and more arid.
A few studies proposed that the mafic rocks in the middle Permian may have provided some ore-forming materials (Chen and Lan, 1991).
During the early stage of the Middle Permian, the crustal activity was enhanced in Bogda Mountain, and in the late stage of the Middle Permian (Lucaogou and Hongyanchi formations), the study area underwent a significant transformation from an epicontinental marine basin to a lacustrine basin as a result of crustal uplift and marine regression, and Bogda Mountain became the depocenter.
"They seem to have survived a major change in the terrestrial fauna that occurred during the Middle Permian, a poorly understood extinction event in the history of life on land," he said.
It was described from the Biarmian (= Middle Permian) (Lower Kazanian) deposits of eastern European Russia as a type of the family of its own within the order Protoblattodea next to the family Oryctoblattinidae (= Blattinopseidae) (Martynov 1928).
With the exception of the Roadian stage, the shallow-water conodonts of the Middle Permian are currently considered of minor importance relative to conodont biostratigraphy because it is based on the evolution of pelagic conodonts.
Key words: Dandot Formation, Early Permian to middle Permian; Salt Range; Pakistan.
At the end of early Permian the main compressive process stopped in the eastern orogenic front and remained concentrated close to the oceanic trench until the middle Permian, ending before late Permian times.
Sweetognathus whitei (Rhodes), lateral view, X80, middle Permian (Guadalupian)--2