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Middle Temple:

see Inns of CourtInns of Court,
collective name of the four legal societies in London that have the exclusive right of admission to the bar. These societies—Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, the Inner Temple, and the Middle Temple (see also Temple, the)—date from before the 14th cent.
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; Temple, theTemple, the,
district of the City of London, England. The name refers to two of the four Inns of Court, the Middle Temple and the Inner Temple. The Temple was originally the English seat of the famous order of Knights Templars.
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In the formal Introduction to the text, Bruce Smith revisits John Manningham's famous entry in his diary that describes a 1602 performance of Twelfth Night at the Middle Temple Hall. In this particular entry, and in those that surround it in the diary, Smith discerns seven subjects (or 'contexts' [6]) of continuing fascination to Manningham and presumably to others like him in the Middle Temple: Romance, Music, Sexuality, Clothing and Disguise, Household Economies, Puritan Probity, and Laughter and Clowning.
He puts forward a beguiling and persuasive thesis, that Twelfth Night had its premier in Middle Temple Hall on February 2nd, 1602.
14 at the storied Middle Temple Hall. Held to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, event netted some $200,000 and attracted Brit showbiz and numerous BAFTA nominees.
Dubbed "the London Party," the private do will take place at London's Middle Temple Hall, the Elizabethan-era site where Shakespeare performed in the maiden bow of his "Twelfth Night" in 1602.
In truth, the layout resembles Middle Temple Hall, where the play debuted in 1602 (or even New York's Circle in the Square) more than the current Globe, but the transformation is effective.
Almost as cheering is the continued success story the Globe has become as it embarks upon its longest season yet--seven months in all, starting with several weeks at Middle Temple Hall in the Inns of Court, where the Globe's current al fresco (and all-male) "Richard II," starring Rylance, was first broken in.
venues that can replicate the footprint of Middle Temple Hall with its extended thrust stage.
Nicole Kidman (see story, page 59) isn't the only name performer preparing to play the smitten Olivia in "Twelfth Night." Now comes news that "Intimacy" star Mark Rylance will cross genders (and the Thames) to take the part in an all-male production of Shakespeare's play to be held early next year at Middle Temple Hall. That's the Elizabethan locale where the comedy received its first recorded perf, by the Lord Chamberlain's Men in 1602.

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