Midland Canal

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Midland Canal,

Ger. Mittelland Kanal, artificial waterway system of Germany, extending eastward c.200 mi (320 km) along the North German plain from the Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany, to Magdeburg, Germany, on the Elbe River. An eastward extension of the Midland Canal passes through Berlin and connects with the Oder River. The system is made up of a series of canals that join parallel north-flowing rivers. The canal facilitates east-west transportation of raw materials and manufactured goods, with coal and iron constituting a large portion of the barge traffic.
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Firemen warned of the dangers of playing near water yesterday after three brothers had to be rescued from a Midland canal.
A 42-YEAR-OLD man who was hauled from a Midland canal by firefighters on Friday has died in hospital.
A DISABLED man was attacked by two thugs as he fed ducks on a Midland canal.
Three people were taken to hospital yesterday after their narrow boat sank in a Midland canal.
A MIDLAND canal burst its banks last night, bringing fresh flooding misery for a nearby family.
A MIDLAND canal bridge has been fitted with a CCTV camera in a bid to combat a spate of accidents.
An innovative new scheme shipping paper waste by barge is set to revitalise part of the Midland canal network as a working industrial transport corridor.
A BOAT company will be left high and dry when a Midland canal is closed for 18 months.
TWO teenage sweethearts who were "worried" their families would not approve of their relationship drowned in a Midland canal tragedy, an inquest heard.
HOUSING developers are facing legal action after a stretch of Midland canal was turned into a rubbish tip.
A seven-week drought has left Edgbaston Reservoir thirsty and boaters stranded as the much-needed water resource has been dredged to supply the Midland canal system.
Vision: An impression of how the high speed train may look over a Midland canal.

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