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(1) A midline of a triangle is the line segment joining the midpoints of two sides of the triangle. The midline is parallel to the third side, or base, of the triangle. The length of the midline is one-half that of the base. The areas of the two parts into which the midline divides the triangle are in the ratio 1:3.

(2) The midline, or median, of a trapezoid is the line segment joining the midpoints of the nonparallel sides of the trapezoid. The midline is parallel to the bases of the trapezoid, and its length is one-half the sum of the lengths of the bases.

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They allow me to modify the sending neurons in the mouses midline thalamus such that I can activate them externally through light flashes.
Midline catheters are safe and effective, but some clinicians favor PICCs, which have similar insertion costs but added benefits, such as the delivery of toxic drugs that are harmful to peripheral veins and allow for repeated phlebotomy.
Denture to jaw midline value of RA = 0, however, Saudi and Kuwaiti 6 adult data has discrepancy of -0.3 and -0.4 mm respectively.
During intraoral examination, intact mucosa was observed, with sublingual and submucosal growth in the midline. The body of the tongue was in the midline, motile, moderately displaced towards the palate.
Results: The successful block in first attempt was 95.3% in Paramedian group and 58.8% in Midline group.
In the physical examination, a non-pulsatile mass was seen of polypoid structure with regular borders, located on the midline towards the left with a wide base adjacent to the nasal root (Figure 1a, b).
Many radiological criteria related to recurrence have been reviewed in literature including preoperative hematoma width, preoperative midline shift, hematoma density and bilateral CSDH.6,7,9,13 Studies conducted regarding correlation of these factors with recurrence have shown conflicting results, and no consensus exists on the subject.6,10,13-20 This study evaluated the correlation of these different radiological factors with recurrence.
The ubiquitous CT findings include paradoxical herniation, sunken skin flap sign, and deviation of the midline structures [3].
Congenital midline cervical cleft (CMCC) is a very uncommon congenital anomaly of the anterior neck that has very characteristic features: (1) a nipple-like protuberance (skin tag), (2) a skin defect in the middle with palpable subcutaneous fibrous cord, and (3) a blind sinus at the end.
Mediolateral and midline episiotomies are the most commonly used incisions [9].