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Middle West,

region of the United States centered on the western Great Lakes and the upper-middle Mississippi valley. It is a somewhat imprecise term that has been applied to the northern section of the land between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mts. More often it is restricted to the Old Northwest Territory and the neighboring states to the southern border of Missouri, E of the Great Plains. It thus includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. The area has some of the richest farming land in the world and is known for its corn and cattle. The extended area also includes great wheat fields, particularly W of the Missouri River. The heavily industrialized parts of the Midwest known as the Rust BeltRust Belt
or Rustbelt,
economic region in the NE quadrant of the United States, focused on the Midwestern (see Midwest) states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as Pennsylvania.
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 have declined in recent decades. The chief cities are Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis–St. Paul. In popular tradition the Midwest is conservative, isolationist, Protestant, and "American." Actually it has a variety of political, economic, and religious opinion as well as a mixture of peoples and ethnicities.


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, Middle West
the N central part of the US; the region consisting of the states from Ohio westwards that border on the Great Lakes, often extended to include the upper Mississippi and Missouri valleys
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The survey did find that 76% of Midwesterners were most likely to say they have enough insurance to cover home damage or a total loss in the case of a natural disaster or severe weather event.
The result is a heavily lopsided picture, with conservatives, weekly churchgoers, and Midwesterners propelling Santorum into the lead, while nonconservative and less religious segments of the party -- as well as those in the other three regions of the country -- show, at best, slim support for Santorum.
Another reader suggested that more Northwesterners have dogs than do Midwesterners, thus the need for fences.
To highlight the relevance of sun damage to Midwesterners, the high threat message stated that one can get burned on a cloudy day and that snow reflects the suds rays.
Midwesterners call the insects corn earworms, but farmers elsewhere grumble about cotton bollworms and tomato fruitworms.
In Sowing the American Dream, David Blanke argues that rural Midwesterners developed a distinctive consumer ethos during the nineteenth century.
Set primarily in the small Midwestern town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1963, Beyond the Limbo Silence broadens Nunez's scope to North America to examine the ways in which a group of sheltered white Midwesterners, a politically active African American from the South, and three Caribbean immigrants negotiate the racial and cultural differences among themselves amidst the backdrop of the Civil Rights era.
You'll most likely hear from lots of Midwesterners on the goof in reporting of state trees.
Midwesterners are least likely to order appetizers frequently (24%) or to share them (70%).
The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently compared him to a "modern-day Moses hoping to lead Midwesterners into a promised land of high moral standards.
Out would come blonde midwesterners with names like Jones.
Rather, their confluence in such queer Midwesterners as Hart Crane, Sherwood Anderson, James Purdy, T.