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For Polish rulers thus named, use Mieszko.
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Contract awarded for Reconstruction of the building of the second high school mieszko i in szczecin, from ul.
These include Polish confectioner Mieszko and Italian cookie company Cabrioni Biscotti srl.
Other last-64 qualifiers include Chinese Taipei's Jung Lin Chang who defeated Philippines Francisco Felecilda 9-8 and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz of Spain, who accounted for the 9-5 loss of Poland's Mieszko Fortunski.
In the year 965, Mieszko I, recognized as the first Polish king, had converted from paganism to Roman Catholicism.
The traditions of Dyngus Day began with the baptism of Prince Mieszko I in  966 A.D.
In 966 the process of Christianisation of the northernmost Slavic tribes of East Central Europe (3) began with the baptism of their duke Mieszko I.
Estonia's Dennis Grabe also advanced, crushing Poland's Mieszko Fortunski 11-3 and then in the round of 32 beating 2005 World 9-ball Champion Wu Jiaqing 11-7.
While in Poland, Francis will celebrate the 1,050th anniversary of the country's Christianization, traditionally marked by the baptism of Mieszko I, the first ruler of the Polish state, in 966.
The first two present the early history of Poland from 996, and the baptism of Mieszko I, to 1102, and the death of Wladyslaw I Herman, in order to set the scene for an examination of the evolution of the concept of holy war in a Polish perspective.
He depicted Poland under the reign of its first Christian ruler, Mieszko I.
For example, contacts with Poland dated back to the time of Poland's conversion to Christianity in A.D.966 when Poland's first baptized ruler, Mieszko I (A.D.962-992), placed the country "...
Gallego produced one of the worthiest wins of the day by pulling off an 11-10 victory over Hall of Famer Ralf Souquet of Germany, while last year's semifinalist Biado thumped Poland's Mieszko Fortunski, 11-6.