Mifune Toshiro

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Mifune Toshiro


Born Apr. 1, 1920, in Ch’ingtao, China. Japanese actor.

In 1947, Mifune made his film debut in These Foolish Times. Mifune’s acting style is characterized by the expressiveness of movement associated with the traditional Japanese theater, a fiery temperament, and a striving to give a detailed portrayal of the inner world of his characters. The role of the Bandit in the film Rashomon (1950) brought Mifune world fame. Among his other notable roles have been the samurai in Seven Samurai (1954), Yojimbo (1961), and Rebellion (1967), in which Mifune, breaking with the established manner of performing such roles, emphasizes a drive toward humaneness and goodness. His other roles include Taketoki Washizu in The Throne of Blood (1957), based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Muhomatsu in The Rikisha Man (1958), and Dr. Nilde in Red Beard (1965).

In 1963, Mifune organized his own film company, Mifune Productions Company. He has twice been awarded prizes at the International Film Festival in Venice.


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