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MiGS provides an outsourced payment gateway service for MasterCard's bank acquirers and merchant customers.
The integrated platform of @ltijara with MiGS will enable merchants to have an effective e-payments solution that provides additional security measures.
Summary: Lebanon's Defense Ministry has expressed its surprise and pleasure with Russia's decision to send 10 MiG 29 fighter-bombers to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), but retired members of Lebanon's military brass seem to be at odds over how valuable the aid actually is.
MiGS will reportedly enable Emirates to conduct safe and secure online transactions for a variety of payment types, including all global brands of credit cards.
Trigger-happy Yank gunners had shot him down in Normandy less than a week after D-Day and he again became the victim of friendly fire when he was about to engage 20 MiGs south of the Yalu.
Redcrown's call meant that the MiGs had already penetrated 25 mi.
warplanes patrolling the "no-fly" zone over southern Iraq bombed two surface-to-air missile installations yesterday after Iraqi MiGs entered off-limits airspace.
AMERICAN warplanes brushed aside Iraqi MiGs and anti-aircraft fire to bomb two surface-to-air missile installations yesterday.
The emphatic denials by the Soviet Union and Nicaragua that MIG-21s had been or would be dispatched to Nicaragua were duly recorded, along with the Administration's emphasis that no "conclusive proof" of the presence of the MIGs aboard the Bakuriani had been obtained.
Mariel has two sons, Migs and Kiko who are both aware of the bad blood between their mother and maternal uncle Dante, and are thus so worried about the abusive and unfair treatment of Dante.
Miguel 'Migs' Villafuerte declared on Thursday a state of calamity in the province due to the effects of El Nino in its farms.
Certificates were given by Senator Antonio Trillanes to the "Guro" team, led by writer-director Perry Escano, cast Migs Cuaderno and Marc Justine Alvarez, and the executive producers of the movie.