Mihai Beniuc

Beniuc, Mihai


Born Nov. 20, 1907, in the village of Sebi§, Arad district. Rumanian poet; academician (1955).

The first, romantic revolutionary period of Beniuc’s creativity is linked with the age-old dream of the Rumanian peasantry about freedom and land. Since Rumania’s liberation from fascism in 1944, Beniuc has been a poet of socialism. He is the author of the collections Man Awaits the Sunrise (1946), Apple Tree by the Road (1954), Viability (1955), The Heart of Old Vesuvius (1957), Other Paths (1967), and Mosaic (1968). Beniuc has received the State Prize.


Poezii. Bucharest, 1969.
In Russian translation:
Stikhi. Moscow, 1958.


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Benefitting all the favorites of the regime, "Through high places the poet Mihai Beniuc was stranded."