Mijo Mirkovic

Mirković, Mijo


Born Sept. 28, 1898, in Rakalj, Istria; died Feb. 16, 1963, in Zagreb. Yugoslav economist, historian, and writer; in 1947 became a member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Mirkovic studied in the philosophy departments of the Universities of Zagreb and Belgrade, as well as at the economics faculty of the University of Frankfurt am Main. He was a professor at the Economic and Commercial Higher School in Belgrade from 1945. Mirkovic’s works are devoted mainly to the economic history of Yugoslavia.


Šidak, J. “Mijo Mirković (1898–1963).” Jugoslovenski istorijski časopis, 1963, no. 3, pp. 151–54. (Contains a list of Mirkovic’s works.)
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