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Waltari, Mika Toimi


Born Sept. 19, 1908, in Helsinki. Finnish writer; member of the Academy of Sciences of Finland.

Waltari graduated from the department of philosophy of the University of Helsinki. In 1925 he published the collection of verse Flight From God. His novel The Great Illusion (1928) described middle-class youth’s dissatisfaction with life. In the novels The Town of Despair and Joy (1936), A Stranger Comes to the House (1937), and From Father to Son (1942), Waltari shows the contradictions of the capitalistic town. He is the author of the historical novels Sinuhe the Egyptian (1945) and Turms the Immortal (1955). His novels Feliks the Happy (1958) and State Secret (1959) are imbued with mysticism. In 1964 he published the novel Enemies of Humanity, which is about Rome at the time of Nero.


Isästä poikaan. Helsinki, 1942.


Koskimies, R. Elävä kansallis-kirjallisuus, vol. 3. Helsinki, 1949.


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The film is based on the Finish best-selling novel "Snuhi, The Egyptian" written by Mika Waltari, and released in 1945.
Preserva la objetividad, descarta un dramatismo patetico, no se inclina por ningun bando; muy al contrario, su esplendida y nitida narracion de tan descarnada tragedia (cuyos ecos todavia hoy resuenan) esculpe, quizas sin pretenderlo, una magna obra sobre el derrumbe bizantino que nada tiene que envidiar --y si mucho que ensenar-- a otras tan notables como El angel sombrio, de Mika Waltari.
The prose of two Finnish fiction writers, Mika Waltari and Antti Tuuri, is the subject of "Who Helped Palmu" and "How Far with Behaviorism.
Of the living Finns I could mention Paavo Haavikko; of the dead, Mika Waltari and Yrjo Kokko.
Egyptian, The Historical novel by MIKA WALTARI , published in Finnish in 1945 as Sinuhe, egyptilainen .
Procurement procedures for selecting building contractor technical work Pornaisten municipal Mika Waltari the school~s new building project.
As the book progresses to the twentieth century, there are more Finnish writers, and famous ones at that: Juhani Aho, Maria Jotuni, Aino Kallas, Eino Leino, Arvo Turtiainen, Mika Waltari.
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Debuting in the period of expansive novels associated with Mika Waltari anti Volter Kilpi, Hamalainen created a distinctively female version of the genre, an attentive, detail-oriented, overtly domestic idiom which parallels trends in Finnish women's painting of the day.
Markku Envall, the author of this study of the novels of Mika Waltari, won the Finlandia Prize for Literature in 1990 for a collection of aphorisms.