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Not all politicians have an easy time getting the media to report on them, Mikhael added.
But others admit that clients simply moved to the more "happening" Mar Mikhael and even Dbayeh, which emerged as a destination in early 2016.
On Wednesday, the Cabinet rejected the protesters demands to sack Mikhael. "The governor of Qena has not and will not resign and there are no alternatives.
"Since 2008 a lot has changed in Mar Mikhael and in 2008, after the economic crisis in Dubai, everyone in Dubai came to buy in Mar Mikhael and it changed into something else," he added.
Mar Mikhael does possess a unique social and urban fabric.
He said that the protesters were planning to have a million man march in the main square in Qena on Friday to call for Mikhael's resignation.
Demonstrations started after Friday prayers on April 15 from the Tahrir Mosque in Qena to the governorate building, asking for the Mikhael's removal and citing his police career.
"We need a media that really informs citizens," Mikhael said.
In parallel to people growing uncomfortable with the climate surrounding nightlife on Makdessi Street, other areas such as Mar Mikhael or Badaro -- which were similar to Makdessi initially, but newer and therefore more exciting for some -- brought competition, according to Frem.
BEIRUT: Elves prancing, Christmas songs blasting and hundreds of shiny stars dangling from the ceiling - the ambiance at Mar Mikhael's Trainstation is everything you might expect from a Christmas market.
While districts such as Monot and Gemmayze have roared with nightlife since the 1990s, Mar Mikhael was considered a low to middle income, mainly industrial area where many car services outlets, metal workers and workshops could be found.
Rahi also met with a delegation comprised of former Ministers and MPs: Elie Ferzli, Michel Edde, Mikhael Daher, Abdallah Farhat, Wadih Khazen, Karim Pakradoni, Naji Boustani, George Qorm, Elias Skaff, Karam Karam, Sleiman Traboulsi, Marwan Abou Fadel, Gebran Tawk, Samir Azar, Emile Emile Lahoud, Karim Rassi, Rachad Salameh, Elie Yashou'i and Michel Tueini, whereby they expressed support for the Patriarch's positions.